New Images for The World’s End Released

So as Edgar Wright’s Blood & Ice Crem Trilogy is set to come to an end with The World’s End this August and new images have been released online. new-image-arrives-from-the-world-s-end-131031-a-1364284704-470-75The image doesn’t give much away, but it marks the beginning of promo for the film which is yet to release a trailer . . . watch this space!

What we do know is the film follows a group of friends as they try to recreate a legendary pub crawl of their youth, 20 years on. During the course of their night they unwittingly become humanities only hope for salvation . . .

The great cast includes the staples Pegg and Frost, with Rosamund Pike, Martin Freeman and Eddie Marsan also appearing.

Sure to be packed with in jokes, disaster movie references and good ol’ British humour The World’s End is set to open in the UK on 14th August 2013.



Jurassic Park 4 Director Announced


Colin Trevorrow is the lucky director chosen to spear head the newest Jurassic Park offering. A newish director having found acclaim for the 2012 film Safety Not Guaranteed, it seems a bold choice for such a massive franchise. Trevorrow’s name has been previously linked with the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII so maybe this young director has a taste for the blockbuster . . . 

The title Jurassic Park 4 implies continuity with the previous films, rather than a remake but at this point very little is known about the project. However Universal has confirmed it will be shot in 3D.

It is due for a July 2014 US release, so probably an August Summer Blockbuster for the UK.

Film Review: The Paperboy Dir. Lee Daniels


Glistening with sweat The Paperboy, selected for last year’s Cannes Film Festival, finally opens in UK cinemas. A reporter returns to his hometown to investigate the hasty trial of a man (John Cusack) accused of murder and sentenced to death. This dark crime investigation is the background for a portrait of an unrequited love affair and more than a few secrets, all set in the boiling summer of 1965.

The interesting mix of cast work well together. Nicole Kidman particularly shines as brilliantly trashy Charlotte Bless; she is the object of Jack’s (Zac Efron) affections even though she has pledged her heart to the incarcerated Van Wetter (Cusack).

THE PAPERBOY - DAY 4-790_897.nef

The grainy, documentary style accentuates the visceral elements of the plot and adds a visual nod to the time in which it is set. The time and scenery are almost characters in their own right. Just as Charlotte’s bright, tacky dresses seem alien compared with the reporter’s dreary shirts; the swamps of Florida are like another planet and the people living there seem of another world.

The casual racism of the time is quietly and effectively acknowledged; the narration by the main character’s black servant gives a certain insight into the difficulties of the era and the kindness of some in society.

The Paperboy is a strange mix of romance and thriller but it is fascinating to the end; the characters are interestingly erratic and the plot provides more than enough twists and turns to intrigue.

The Paperboy is currently on selected release in the UK.

Click here to watch the trailer.

Kick Ass 2 Trailer Released

So 2010’s controversial real-life super hero film returns for it’s second instalment. The first one proved troublesome for some viewers because of certain swear words given to Chloe Grace-Moretz, then 13. Hopefully people will have gotten over this by now because one C-bomb really shouldn’t have ruined an entire film for them (a film that was superhero comedy at it’s best).
The addition of Jim Carey to the cast in this new instalment only makes me more excited for the release.
The trailer looks great, I’m certain this will be just as good as the first. Sometimes this type of film doesn’t have a second story in it, but the trailer looks like there is a great revenge story in there . . . roll on July!

UK release date: 19th July 2013



Film Review: Side Effects Dir. Steven Soderbergh

side-effects-436485lA thriller set around the uncertain world of mental health, Side Effects is the newest effort from Contagion writer Scott Z. Burns. Burns seems to revel in fast paced, powerful plots something that works well for 80% of this film. The majority of the plot hangs together with an intense story that centres on our perception of mental health and its effects, however it falls apart slightly in the last section. The mystery clears and the final 20 minutes are a confusing rush towards a weak conclusion. It’s a shame because up until then the story was truly engaging; events were intriguing, motives were unknown and the main character, Emily (Rooney Mara), battled with an uncertain mental state. As soon as these factors disappear the film becomes a puzzling race towards the disappointing end.

Jude Law (Dr. Jonathan Banks) and Rooney Mara give good performances, in fact they carry the film – the ambiguity of their actions keep the audience guessing through much of the film. Mara in particular is impressive, treading a line between normality, depression and anger and playing it wonderfully. In contrast Catherin Zeta-Jones is terrible as pseudo-seductive Dr. Victoria Seibert; every time she appears on screen it’s uncomfortable to watch. Channing Tatum is an anomaly in this film, while his forging his way into serious films is admirable he is highly forgettable in this role.


Side Effects’ production is its saving grace. Haunting music plays in the dreamy montages of Emily Taylor’s battle with depression and beautifully shot scenes of everyday life juxtapose pleasantly with the harder medical scenes but its no Contagion. It lacks the power and social scrutiny that made Contagion so appealing. At one point there seem to be a message about the American attitude to towards the drug industry and their reliance on medication, however this gets lost in the chase and is left unsaid.


This is not a bad film, its just disappointing. All the parts were there for a great thriller with a social message woven in, but somehow it loses its focus and becomes average. Is it worth seeing? Yes, its enjoyable and the mystery/thriller aspects work well on the whole, just don’t expect anything world changing.

Currently on general release in the UK.

To watch the trailer click here.

Side Effects Banner

New Footage for ‘Into Darkness’ Released

A 30 minute screening of new material was shown to UK bloggers and critics on Friday.

Click here to read the Guardians take on the new stuff.

Unfortunately I am not important enough to go so we’ll have to take their word for it but if the trailer is anything to go by then it looks very exciting!

See my previous posts on Into Darkness here.

Release date: 17th May 2013

After Earth New Teaser and Poster Released

Directed by M Night Shyamalan, After Earth is set 1000 years after humans have abandoned the Earth. Will and Jaden Smith find themselves marooned on this post-apocolyptic planet with only one source of recuse – a beacon in the tail of their ship which is miles from them.

 Take a look at the trailer . . .

Perhaps not the most original idea for a film but Shyamalan always brings a touch of class to all his films, so we can hope that there is more to this than action and good CGI. Smiths Jr. and Sr. have a great on screen relationship as we’ve seen in The Pursuit of Happiness and Independence Day, so I have high hopes for this film.

A poster has also been released, an image which plays on the leads’ real life family connection through their striking similarity.


UK release date: 7th June 2013