Django Unchained: DVD release

Django Unchained

Thinking about renting or buying Django Unchained? Have a look at my review to help you make up your mind!

Jackanory Reviews: Django Unchained


Don Jon Trailer

I’m always a sucker for anything with Joesph Gordon-Levitt in and Don Jon looks as if it will be no exception to the rule. A fresh take on the rom-com, designed for a new generation brought up on shows like Jersey Shore and TOWIE, it has a slick confidence and a darker comedy than we are usually treated to in a romance movie.

Perhaps the darker cousin of 500 Days of Summer? We shall see . . . 

UK release date: 15th November 2013

Film Review: The Great Gatsby


The long anticipated arrival of Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s parody of the American Dream The Great Gatsby is twinged with slight disappointment. It’s a solid effort with great performances and an immersive quality but the whole film seems slightly insubstantial considering that the raw material they were given.

The Great Gatsby tells the impossible story of Jay Gatsby, mysterious millionaire in the Roaring Twenties, who is chasing the love of his life Daisy Buchanan. Narrated by Nick Carraway, we see the story unfold in front of him during the boiling summer of 1922.

Let start with the ‘Great’; . . .

To read my full review visit TQS magazine or click here.

Good News and Bad News

So the good news, I have been given the opportunity to write for TQS, a brilliant online arts journal. The bad news, I can’t post my reviews here if they are going up on TQS’ site. So if they are featured elsewhere from now on my reviews will be shown as an intro with a link to the full article elsewhere!

It means so much that so many people enjoy and comment on my work, so I hope you’ll keep reading in the future!

Charlotte x

Captivating New Drama From The BBC


The BBC’s The Fall is one of the most instantly engaging dramas I have seen in a long time. The sometimes troublesome conceit that the audience knows the killer from the off does nothing to slow the build up of suspense through the first episode and the total immersion in ALL the characters.

We enter the action with DSI Stella Gibon (Gillian Anderson) called from the Met. to carry out a 28 day review on the unsolved murder of a young professional woman. As the episode progresses we meet her killer and watch as he puts the pieces in place for his next murder. All the while Gibon is busy trying to figure out where the case went wrong and what they missed, not so easy when faced with the highly political world of Irish policing.

Written by Alan Cubitt (Murphy’s Law) and set in Belfast The Fall taps into something very raw about the Irish cityscape that suits perfectly this kind of gritty, dark drama.

The visuals are innovative and fresh; adding something new to what is a particularly well-worn genre. With long tracking shots, and brilliant point-of-view camera work The Fall is simple captivating.

Definitely something to watch from the beginning, but for those of you who missed last nights, Episode 1 of 5 is available on BBC iPlayer.

Highlights Of Last Nights BAFTA’s

The night was full of surprises, but something that surprised no one was Olivia Coleman’s win of 2 BAFTA’s and her graceful and comedic acceptance of both.

Here’s a breakdown of the main winners:

  • Actor – Ben Whishaw (for Richard II)
  • Actress – Sheridan Smith (for Mrs Briggs)
  • Female comedy performance – Olivia Colman (for Twenty Twelve)
  • Male comedy performance – Steve Coogan (for Welcome to the Places of My Life)
  • Supporting actor – Simon Russell Beale (for Henry IV Part II)
  • Supporting Actress – Olivia Colman (for Accused)
  • Drama series – Last Tango in Halifax
  • Sport and live event – The London 2012 Paralympic Games
  • News coverage – Hillsborough – The Truth at Last (Granada Reports)
  • Current Affairs – The Shame of the Catholic Church
  • Sitcom – Twenty Twelve
  • Soap and continuing drama – EastEnders
  • Audience award – Game of Thrones

The BBC walked away with a total of 15 awards, Channel 4 left with 4, Sky with 3 and ITV with 2.

BBC’s Horrible Histories To Tackle The Bard On The Big Screen

Horrible Histories

Stars of the multi-BAFTA award winning ‘children’s’ comedy show Horrible Histories will be in the new BBC film project Bill, where we will see Bill Shakespeare become William as he leaves his small town for the big city.

With the Horrible Histories actors taking on various and changing roles, reminiscent of the mighty Monty Python, this is definitely a production to get excited about!

Laurence Rickard and Bell Willbond, who wrote the original script, have said “Bill is a comedy adventure for all the family. We’re playing with history, just like Shakespeare did, for the entertainment of the audience.”

Rickard has been writing for the TV show since its inception, and Willbond has credits such as The Thick Of It on his CV, so this is certainly going to be one to watch out for!

Oh and Horrible Histories fans: the fifth and final series will air at the end of May 2013.