DVD Review: The Bling Ring


Released on DVD barely a month after the word ‘selfie’ was added to the Oxford English Dictionary, Sofia Coppola’s teenage saga The Bling Ring couldn’t come at a more apposite time. Fuelled by an amazingly observed portrayal of the ‘real’ lives of teenagers The Bling Ring is certainly one of the most enjoyable teen movies out on DVD this week. The outlandish robberies are admittedly fantastical but the characters use of social media, the constant selfies and the glue that seems to attach them to their mobile phones creates a brilliant air of reality.

Based on the real life robberies carried out by a group the media dubbed “The Bling Ring”, Coppola’s movie follows Rebecca (Katie Chang), Marc (Israel Broussard), Nicki (Emma Watson) and a few of their drop-out friends as they start to target celebrity’s houses when their famous occupants are away. Using tabloid websites to track the movements of their targets, “The Bling Ring” break-in and help themselves to a few special keepsakes. This brief synopsis sounds a lot more sinister than it actually is, these teenagers are each troubled in their own way but they are not hardened criminals. Their actions are fuelled by obsession and a belief that they are entitled to a better, more fabulous way of life.

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Film Review: Chasing Ice

My first review for Next Projection: Chasing Ice a documentary about climate change and EIS.


Chasing Ice is in its most basic form an environmental documentary, a man with a plan ready to educate the general public about the speed and immediacy of global warming in a medium everybody understands – photography. Sounds self-righteous and preachy? Well it isn’t.

Chasing Ice cleverly treads the line between the condescending and the unapproachable, there’s science in there everyone can understand (with the help of some nifty graphics) and coupled with brilliant photography it makes for a genuinely moving and emotive documentary.

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Exciting News Here At Jackanory Reviews

Well I like to keep my readers up to date with my exciting news, and so here’s my latest: I am now writing for a brilliant Canadian publication called Next Projection.

It’s a brilliant website with comprehensive film and TV reviews, as well as interesting articles. I will continue to publish small extracts of my work here along with links to the full articles (as I do with my work for TQS) so please continue reading, and take this opportunity to explore some of the other amazing work over at Next Projection!

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Time Bandits, a Film About Time Travelling Dwarfs But Not Necessarily the Kind an 11 Year Old Might Expect.


**Mild Spoiler if you haven’t seen it!**

Released in 1981 Time Bandits was created for a generation of kids very different from todays. A generation less technologically aware and perhaps more sensitive to extremes of violence and emotion, but how would a modern 11 year old view this cult classic.

My younger brother Oscar, who is 11 and well versed in the worlds of The Hunger Games, The Hobbit and Iron Man, watched the new digitally remastered Time Bandits and told me what he thought of it.

So what did you think of Time Bandits?

When you said dwarves were in the movie I thought you meant Hobbit type dwarves traveling through time! It was a bit weird . . . it’s confusing, like at the end when his parents just die and that’s the end! That was sad. I liked the bit before they touch the “evil”, when Kevin is rescued by the fireman (Sean Connery). But I didn’t like it when his parents died.

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