Exciting News Here At Jackanory Reviews

Well I like to keep my readers up to date with my exciting news, and so here’s my latest: I am now writing for a brilliant Canadian publication called Next Projection.

It’s a brilliant website with comprehensive film and TV reviews, as well as interesting articles. I will continue to publish small extracts of my work here along with links to the full articles (as I do with my work for TQS) so please continue reading, and take this opportunity to explore some of the other amazing work over at Next Projection!

Charlotte x


Film Review: Byzantium Dir. Neil Jordan


Neil Jordan extracts the gothic from the mundane as he returns to the genre that made his name nearly 10 years ago, in new Vampire thriller Byzantium.  Set in the sleepy seaside town of Newhaven, Byzantium sees Clara (Gemma Arterton) and Eleanor (Saoirse Ronan) fleeing the mysterious brethren, a sinister group of male vampires who refuse to accept the existence of females in their midst.

In a refreshing shake up to the genre Clara and Eleanor seem to lack the all consuming desire for blood which defines their predecessors, and instead of fangs these modern vampires kill through the use of a extendable ‘claw’ on their thumb. These changes are a welcome reboot to what has become an almost cheesy genre; it is a vampire film so we can’t escape the spectre of Twilight. Gone are the Mormon values, replaced with good old-fashioned seductive vampires who use their sex appeal to lure and kill.

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Film Review: The Great Gatsby


The long anticipated arrival of Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s parody of the American Dream The Great Gatsby is twinged with slight disappointment. It’s a solid effort with great performances and an immersive quality but the whole film seems slightly insubstantial considering that the raw material they were given.

The Great Gatsby tells the impossible story of Jay Gatsby, mysterious millionaire in the Roaring Twenties, who is chasing the love of his life Daisy Buchanan. Narrated by Nick Carraway, we see the story unfold in front of him during the boiling summer of 1922.

Let start with the ‘Great’; . . .

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Good News and Bad News

So the good news, I have been given the opportunity to write for TQS, a brilliant online arts journal. The bad news, I can’t post my reviews here if they are going up on TQS’ site. So if they are featured elsewhere from now on my reviews will be shown as an intro with a link to the full article elsewhere!

It means so much that so many people enjoy and comment on my work, so I hope you’ll keep reading in the future!

Charlotte x